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Trekking to Forbidden Island

When we started Marianas Trekking back in 2000, this was our very first adventure, and it remains our signature tour. Forbidden Island is one of those places that you have to see in Saipan, however it is not for everybody. The hike in can be challenging and we advise participants to be in good physical condition to fully enjoy this adventure. Forbidden is on the east coast of Saipan and the rugged terrain keeps most people away. Those who venture into this Marine Sanctuary are rewarded with stunning views, great snorkeling, hidden pools, and a cave. Come explore it with us! This adventure includes lunch, Mariana beach snorkeling, and a visit to the Mandi Asian Spa. It is one of those days you will never forget.

まさに「禁断」という言葉にふさわしく、マリアナ政府によって保護されたその自然環境に感動の連続で す。禁断の島トレッキングにランチ、ビーチスノーケリング、スパが付いたフルコース。1日満喫されたい方にお勧めです。